Unknown Mysterious Female Bodybuilder

Unknown Mysterious Female Bodybuilder

It is unfortunate that we know little about the female bodybuilder we are blogging about. The only information that we know about her is her first name. The only reason we know her name is because it is posted on the sign behind her in her pictures. It is very strange that we don’t know anything about her considering we took these pictures and met her in person!

Her name is Tina, and she is a female bodybuilder to watch out for in the future. We had the pleasure of meeting this muscular woman at bodybuilding competition. We approached her regarding modeling and we took some flexing pictures of her on the spot when we met her. She was supposed to contact us so we could share her images with her, and for more female muscle modeling. Unfortunately we have not heard from her since the bodybuilding competition, and therefore we don’t know much about her.

Tina had impressed us, not only with her feminine muscular physique. She was also very outgoing and laid back. She seemed like the type of muscle girl that doesn’t care what people think, and has an “I don’t give a f%#k” attitude. She also appears to be a little feisty in person. A feisty muscle girl is a good thing!

When you add up all of Tina’s qualities you end up with a great female muscle model for the future. She is a strong muscular woman, she is feisty, and she is laid back, fun, and outgoing. It is rare to find a muscular woman that possesses all of the qualities that Tina does. But when they do, they usually make the best models for female muscle flexing videos.

Wherever Tina may be, there is one thing for certain. She is working very hard in the gym and is pumping some serious iron for her next female bodybuilding competition. We wish her all the best, and hope she is successful in the future. Maybe one day we will meet this amazing muscle woman again.